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Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

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Honorable our English Teacher, she is Mis Niken and my loving brothers
In the name of Allah, the beneficent,the merciful, praise be to Allah the lord of the word and the sequel is for those who keep their duty unto him,further, there will be no hostility except agains wrong doers.
Blessing and salutahons be upon yhe most honorable prophet and messenger, his family all his discipies, and those who follow them in goodness till the day of judgment.
My dears,my name is Eva, I’m so happy in this good occasion and allow me please to speech in front of you about “How important the young man for National Rise” .
My friends ,,,,,!!do you know what we are now…?
Yes,,,,,,,,,,right,,,,,we are the youth man,,,,,!!!
When we talk about youngsters, we offen find in many articles from our teacher, maybe or from our parent, they usually speak that we are have a big responsible to our religion, our country and specially to our selves.So…ourselves even witness the great role of youth participant in developing, favoring and supporting the development of was yelled as :”TODAY IS YOUNG TOMORROW WILL BE A LEADER”.
The young man in period before free is different with young man in this period. The young man in period before free are fright the colonizer to get free state.Because of that , this country had free from struggle of youth men in national rise.
As young man, we must countinue his struggle by fill up independency. How important role the young have for the future, the young supposedly symbolize the force that never become weak forever, for this reason,the former president of Indonesia SOEKARNO has Once said : “GIVE ME 10 YOUTHS WOULD SHAKE THE WORD”. This statement we can sum up that SOEKARNO appreciated the young people more than the old. Wy,,,,? Do you know???? Because the play significant roles and have great potency and great energy that can be prided.
Okay….my friend I hope you and me and all Muslim brothers who ever to abstain from bad action and further more we have to develop our skill and potency to reach the bright future
Be fresh maker and be a smart usually
See you next time
Pengarang : Eva Yulianti & Penulis : Adi Yahya .N

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